Sunday, May 15, 2011

New look coming.... feedback requested!

Hi everyone!

yes, i know i haven't been very good about updating things here lately...

I want to do a new look and would love some feedback from you..

what would you like to see and read about on this blog?

what would be helpful for you?

would you rather see photos, or videos?

would you like fashion tips, make up advice, recipes...?

share with me your views and ideas.

no idea is too crazy!

I know everyone loves the giveaways and competitions (right? :) )

Looking forward to hearing from you!

email to



CaDLyNN said...

i <3 to see photos, fashion tips, make up advise & recipe from u..
and ofcoz the GA! :)

Chech said...

Hi Sasha.

I have been following your blog for a long time. And I love reading about your fashion insights. Hope to see more photos of you in apparels you love.

I have also enjoyed the posts on your love for dance. Particularly those with photos. Yes, more photos, please :).

Hajarul Falenna said...

i love seeing pictures, updates psal ur CATS,,,ur travelling...most yg free gveaway..hahaha

msmilo said...

Hi Sasha ..

Finally u update something ;) ..

Besides from giveaways & contest .. i would love u to share tips / advice in makeup n fashion ..

and more cats =)

the Razzler said...

Dear Sasha..

Definitely more photos of you in the latest trends & fashion.

Some updates on your latest adventures & great sight-seeing places.

... & more give away, too! :)

Wangi74 said...

I dont mind if you just talk about handbags dear Sasha..I dont mind at all:).

UmiMia said...

Just write about anything..and please update moreeeeeee...but I love fashion tips and make up advice. Or just talk about ur life, ur work life...what your thoughts on certain issues...