Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm back!

I'm back! But now I'm sick!
I have a cough so when I talk, I sound like a man.
It has been a tough, tiring and challenging few days for the crew but we survived as we always do, but it will take all of us a few days to recover. All of us definitely need a nice massage to relax our backs!
The visuals we managed to capture during these last few days are very exciting.
More locations to shoot after Raya.
Now, I need to get some rest before another photo shoot tomorrow.


Zainudin Meon said...

wow; sungguh hebat awak sasha.keep it up

Zainudin Meon said...

Wow sungguh hebat awak sasha.Ambil 6 S (Sapa,Salam,Senyum,Sopan dan Sabar,Sayang) dan tinggalkan 6 A (Amarah,Ampu,Aniaya,Angkuh,Acuh dan Anti)

Seri Mastura said...

get well soon sasha!

♥ hazlynda kushairi ♥ said...

hi sasha. just got ur link. i still remember u. my senior in Sri Inai and u played in Wizard of Oz - for our school concert.