Sunday, August 17, 2008

it's all real...

photo by Aiemax

My hair, my eyelashes, my nose...

Many people have asked me if my hair is a wig or if I've had hair extensions put in.

I found out recently that you can have false eyelashes added and glued to your real eyelashes. When I did the GLAM cover shoot last year, I very distinctly remember the stylist, the very talented Cheah Wei Chun said to me once my make up was done, "your false eyelashes look so real!"

And as for my nose, which cosmetic surgeon did it. My chin and cheeks, have I had collagen done.

Well, I can very honestly say that it's all real...

There is not a single strand of hair in my head that isn't real. The colour I admit is not quite my original colour which is a little bit darker though I am not dying my hair and experimenting with colours anymore. But no hair extensions. They would just annoy me.

Same with the eyelashes. I love the effect false eyelashes have and the looks they can create...very dramatic, but again, if I have to wear them which I pretty much never do, I would not be able to wait to take them off. Many times when I have been shooting the documentary, people have looked at my eyelashes and asked if they are real. And they always ask in front of Man. Which he found very funny and after a while whenever he saw me putting mascara on would say, "Alaaa... buka lah bulu mata palsu engkau tu..." To which I would just ignore him completely and carry on with the mascara, and he would laugh to himself. I do love mascara.

As for cosmetic surgery and collagen, I am terrified of needles, and blood and skin being cut... Doing an acupuncture session every week is such a mental challenge for me. But that I don't mind doing it cause it helps your body to heal itself. But that is all.

So it's all real.... though I am most flattered many think it's all fake... :)


Anonymous said...

rambut cantik hidung lawa...ok ler tu..

the Razzler said...

Dear Sasha..

Love this pic!! Now it's part of my screen saver liao!! :) :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sasha,

Curious about your accupuncture sessions... whats it for? do share..



Wangi74 said...

Sasha..bagilah tips macammana nak shooting.Macam adakah muka kena sengit sedikit ke kanan ke..apa ke..sebab pernah baca dulu kat mana ntah sure ada tips nak bagi nampak menarik dalam gambar even muka ada tak menarik sikit:)

umi ameer said...

Manusia sekarang, pada mereka.. asal cantik, fake.. well..
bukan semua orang sanggup begitu, kan?
Any way.. i salute!